Friday 3 August 2012

A Mini Ode to Samphire

Samphire is one of those things, like blackberries and wild garlic, that should be free.

However, unlike blackberries and wild garlic, the stuff you can buy in shops (usually fishmongers, it seems) is actually pretty good.
AND you don't have to (or get to...) go wading around in the mud to get it!

However I get my hands on it, the fact is that samphire is truly and really delicious.
I've only really started eating it over the last few years and I honestly can't believe that I spent so many summers sharing the beach with it and never managed to take things any further.

The magical thing about it is the fact that, even if you fry it in a teeny tiny bit of oil, it tastes as though it's smothered in butter.
I guess it's partially down to the inherent saltiness, but there seems to be more to it than that - it's just so, well, smooooooth.

Here, I stir fried it with garlic scapes, courgette and wet garlic and teamed it up with some yummy crab.
Best tea ever.
*Almost* makes up for the fact that the crab would have been my lunch, if only I hadn't left him in the fridge this morning...

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