Wednesday 29 August 2012

Holiday Pie

I'm on holiday at the moment (yay) so you mainly don't get to see the things I'm eating as they're fairly utilitarian and I'm invariably too hungry to stop and photograph them.

Oh, and my phone mainly doesn't work down here - the mixed blessing of the English countryside...

I thought I'd just keep you warm with a holiday pie, though.
Actually the second holiday pie - there was an unphotographed rhubarb and strawberry job a couple of days ago.

I made some shortcrust pastry out of (new) butter and flour that might well have been in the cupboard for several hundred years...

Surprisingly, it rolled out rather well, despite the makeshift nature of my rolling pin.

I found a fortunate pie dish, lined it with the pastry and stuck it in the fridge for a bit, before pricking, "brushing" (no brush here, obviously) with egg white and blind baking.

I made a kind of creme patissiere.

And cooked some bramley apples in butter and a bit of sugar.

When everything was a bit cooler, I spread the custard over the tart base and dolloped the apple mixture over it. I sort of latticed the top with the leftover pastry - as ever, there wasn't *quite* enough.

The biggest handicap in holiday baking is the oven, which is, to say the least, a trifle eccentric...

But I'm getting better at it.
So here it is cooked.

And sliced and sampled.

Anyway - it's high tide now and the sum is shining, so I'm off for a pre lunch swim.

More things I've eaten soon - promise :)

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