Monday 10 September 2012

Desk Lunch

A little while ago, I ordered a lovely new Totoro lunchbox from a nice place in Japan...

While I was away on holiday, it arrived and was even more wonderful than I had dared to dream.

It even has a frozen "coldie" thing in the lid to keep your lunch fresh :)

Today was the inaugural outing. Here's how it went:

Lunchbox of Glory in handy carrying bag.

And freed of the bag. Look how cheery! Who could fail to be enhappied by this?

And the contents - noodles, broccoli bits, grilled chicken and stirfried mushrooms with spinach.

Good, no?
I trust you're all suitably jealous...

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  1. SO cute!
    I'm working from home now but need to travel to the office in London at least once a week and could really do with one of these especially since it has the cold thingy to keep food fresh. Would you mind sharing the link you got it from?

    1. Of course! I meant to put a link in the post, but it's all a bit fiddly doing it from my phone... The place is called Bento&Co - I think it's - will add the link later on :)