Sunday 29 July 2012

Back in the Swing

I realise that I've been terrible at keeping you all updated on my various eatings.
I've been weirdly busy.
I'm having fun - just busy - that's all.
So here's a wee update.
Today, on my way home, I stopped in at the lovely Ginger Pig and my eye was caught by some glistening rump steaks.
Sometimes I forget, but rump is definitely my favourite steak - such a good flavour!
So here it is - with cabbage, cauliflower and roasted squash.
And an amazing Super Tuscan that represents one of the tail end of our wedding present wines (there are still a few left - just not as many as there used to be).

I've also recently eaten some delicious mackerel,

Something a bit like larb,

Some cabbage and Stilton,

And probably the last of the eggsparagus (with Stilton butter). And Ginger Pig bread and butter pickle, which, I think, is my current favourite thing,

And some work-muffins (blueberry and strawberry & white chocolate).

I also had an amazing joint birthday party (there are a lot of fabulous July babies amongst my friends), which we made lots of unphotographed food for.
Though there are some recycled leftovers here (apologies for the weird focus - I'm still playing with my new birthday camera lens).

And I got all these (and way more) totally unexpected PRESENTS!
Thanks dudes - you know who you are - I love you all :)

And here is a bonus cat to finish.
We actually have TWO nice cats, but the other is a trifle camera shy, so is rarely represented on blog/twitter/instagram - it's not that we don't love her just as much - it's more just that she requires in-the-flesh appreciation...

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