Thursday 5 July 2012



I seem to be a terrible blogger at the moment - not totally sure why - I guess I'm jut a bit out of the habit.

So anyway, to ease myself back in, here are some things for you.

A few weeks ago we went to Miss Jordi and Chuchibum's marvellous Friday Night Dinners supper club (on a Saturday, obviously) and ate an obscene amount.

Gorgeous home made challah and rye.

Pastrami cured salmon and beetroot.

Sort of sabich.

Everything again, all smashed up together with the addition of chopped liver, ready for me to stuff into my face.

Our beverage of choice.

Chicken soup (for our souls).

Schnitzel (husband ate a number of these that it is too embarrassing to tell you).

And again with tsimmes, Israeli salad and potato kugel.

Rugelach. Oh my, the rugelach.

There were other, non pictured, things as well. How all Jewish people (if they do indeed eat this stuff every week) aren't enormously fat, I do not know. 
I guess they're happy though. This is very happy food.
Probably the best supper club in the World - you must all go as soon as they're back from their summer break.

I have also eaten one of the much blogged Ginger Pig cockerels,

Made far too much bread (one example here),

Eaten an actually obscene amount of cake (and made some) at my first Band of Bakers event, which they kindly let me attend, even though I am not *technically* (or at all, really) from the South East,

Eaten some asparagus and eggs with CHEESE (so decadent),

Been to my first ever crawfish party at Bea's of Bloomsbury - where we were the official eating champions (and maybe a teeny bit drunk),

Finished off asparagus, samphire, cheeses and the last of the cockerel stock in this unholy (but luckily tasty) concoction,

Bake swapped and been baked swapped - lovely @Workinglonmummy sent me these in exchange for some (far less glamorous) jam tarts,

(here they are again, up close - mmmmmm....)

Been the v happy recipient of a penguin/chocolate care package from the wonderful @KaveyF,

Started to panic about asparagus being over imminently, so eaten even MORE eggsparagus,

And finally, bringing us right up to the moment, made some deeeeelicious sticky chicken wings (and drumsticks too).

That's all for now - sleep tight everyone.

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