Monday 18 February 2013

Weekend Eatings

On Friday we went to the opera (Medea at ENO - you should all go while you can - best production of any kind that I've seen for a very long time) and ate a Byron Burger.
Both were good, which was fortunate, as husband is Off The Booze at the moment and is finding going out to be both difficult and grump-inducing - a less delicious burger or less compelling show would have rendered him inconsolable without wine, I think.

We also discovered root beer, thanks to the booze-ban. Personally, I thought it tasted like Listerine (and not in a good way), but husband seemed inexplicably to quite like it!

On Saturday evening, we braved the wasteland that is South London, to (finally) make a pilgrimage to the awesome supperclub that is Fed By Tang (run by Cherry and her sous chef husband, Mr Fishbiscuits) for a Chinese New Year extravaganza.

We ate a million twelve courses, all of which were utterly delicious. Cherry's supperclubs sell out fast, but you should definitely try to get to one if you can, as they (and she) are utterly splendid!

Pretty place settings


Noodle starter - for a long life

Turnip cake and chilli sauce (this was one of my favourites)

Porky dumplings - for wealth

Razor clams

Steamed sea bass - the word for 'fish' sounds like the word for 'leftovers' or 'surplus', so it symbolises having enough food in the coming year

Prawns with salted egg yolk - delicious

Duck and pork

Chicken with ginger and spring onion sauce

Veggies, tofu skin and Chinese mushrooms

Chinese sticky cake - sounds like 'high' and 'year' - good for prosperity in the coming year

Purple sweet potato cakes - these tasted like a sweet version of potato scones

Sticky rice balls stuffed with black sesame - for reunion - traditionally eaten on 15th Jan, but still delicious a day later :)

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