Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancakes and Resisting Temptation

Noone in the entire blogosphere today can possibly have missed the fact that it is Shrove Tuesday, or, in common UK parlance, Pancake Day.
I love pancakes AND they are a very clever way of using the milk and getting me closer to my Kermit-based goal.
I'm not going to bore you with recipe/instructions - you all know how pancakes work, so I shall instead just show you this.

Now, nothing good comes without consequences, there's no such thing as a free lunch and other trite sayings, so, in order to be allowed the pancakes etc, I shall, naturally, be testing my will power and giving some things up for Lent.
Those things are listed below - please feel free to offer enforcement/helpful advice/punishments etc until Easter.
1. Sweets
2. Cake
3. Biscuits (sweet and savoury)
4. Chocolate
5. Salty snacks/nuts
and, most importantly
6. Diet Coke.
(I have to go to a wedding in the middle of March and am out for dinner on 4th March - if I have to eat chocolate etc at either of those, then that's allowed in advance - no other exceptions, I think).

I've also just drawn up a lovely new budget spreadsheet to live my life by. I started it last Friday (which was payday) but it also seems like quite a good Lenten resolution.
I obviously hope that it will extend well beyond that and that I will become RICH as a result.

Wish me LUCK!


  1. Good luck on your Lent resolutions - especially on the diet coke, I gave up caffeine for two weeks - I dont think I could have done it any longer!

    1. Thank you - I need all the luck I can get!
      I've done the caffeine thing before and it HURT. So far this time, it's not been too bad - I'm just very very sleepy.