Thursday 7 June 2012

Long Time, No Blog

I used to post most of my bad blog food pictures from my iPhone, but a couple of months ago, the app that I use stopped working again (for about the fourth time) and I've lost the will to sort it out.

At the same time, my poor old laptop has been getting slower and more painful. Last Friday I managed to kill it entirely.
Since then, I have managed to (at least temporarily) revive it and have pretty much recovered everything, with the possible exception of my last three years worth of email (apologies if I was meant to reply to you about anything).

Anyway - this clearly calls for a large and non detailed catchup, so here we go.

Spicy pork bits with sweet potato (and coconut milk - yum) mash and chilli cucumber salad.

Mackerel based lunch salad.

A mince.

Some prawns.

And the same prawns again, but with an asparagus garnish. Or possibly the other way round.

Something a bit like larb (laab), made with pork mince. Delicious. I mustn't forget how nice something as easy as this can be.

And again with a distinctly un-Thai salad.

We went to God Save the Clam in the rain at the weekend and ate and drank tasty things in a beach hut on a roof. Awesome.
Lunchtime tequila and lemonade.

Chorizoey starter.

A handy, though entirely small and inadequate, freshening wipe.

Finger cleaning bucket and one for the empties.

Enormous bucket o'stuff.
You can't really tell from this, but it really was big. Two of us ate this. TWO.

A delicious crawfish (or crayfish). I ate him and a lot of his family.

Another crawfish, doing a Venus impression. The clams were huge. I have never seen clams so big.

And pudding. The Fat Elvis. Peanut butter ice cream, with crispy croutons, bacon bits, baconny butterscotch sauce and frozen grapes.
I shall be trying to recreate this at home really very soon.

And finally, the famous PittCue pickleback. My first one ever. I loved it every bit as much as someone like me would be expected to.
Very pleasing.

Back to real life - poached egg and beetroot salad.

Leftover chicken (no idea how I managed not to photograph the original chicken - a magnificent 100 day old hen from the Ginger Pig) with a sort of Romesco sauce.

The classic eggsparagus.

And finally, a great big trout with salad and lemon and chilli dressing.

Fingers crossed the computer will stay mended - I have more (and more interesting) things to tell you over the next few days.

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