Thursday 29 November 2012

Lazy Lunch

I was far too lazy to make a proper lunch last night so today I ate leftover cauliflower and more cured salmon (we're almost at the end of the salmon now - it's been good).

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Wednesday 28 November 2012

The Cheesecake of Wanton Excess and Other Stories

I was bribed/cajoled into making this monstrosity for my workmates in exchange for some handy work-type things...

Here it is...

And here's the inside (messy - I only had a very tiny knife)

And the slice.

Ridiculous, no?

I now have a fridge full of leftover Italian meringue - maybe tunnocks type teacakes again? Or something else - ideas welcomed warmly :)

On a slightly less fatty/sugary/bonkers note, here's what I had for tea last night - fried mushrooms and garlic with eggs and a teeny bit of Stilton...

Here's what I ate at the rather splendid Ciao Bella on Sunday evening...

And here is a selection of crazy cheeseness from ForzaWinter on Saturday evening (v fun - you must all go while you still can).

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Friday 23 November 2012

The Cure

Yesterday, as promised, I unwrapped and surveyed the salmon sides that have been curing in my fridge for the past few days.

I am pleased to report that they are awesome.
I washed off the salty cure and was left with lovely firm bits of tasty salmon.

I had some for my lunch with carrot strips - possibly a bit over-orange, but otherwise a really good lunch.

There's obviously a LOT of the salmon, so ideas for what to do with it, other than just idly stuffing it into my mouth (a lot has gone this way already) would be most welcome...

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Thursday 22 November 2012

Salmon. Lots of Salmon...

Last night, I ate salmon with cabbage. It was delicious.

Today I ate much the same again for lunch. Also good. Sometimes I forget how much I like salmon.

I also have a couple of big slabs curing in the fridge. Effbeeee inspired me.
I'm going to investigate them tomorrow - will report back.

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Thursday 15 November 2012

Few Days of Food

Last week, I met up with the marvellous MiMi, who donated me some of her equally marvellous kimchee.
I packed it up a few days later and ate it for lunch with some eggs.
It smelled amazing and tasted just as good.

For my tea that day, I ate some (slightly past it, but still tasty) roasted sweetcorns and the kidneys from a lamb that we butchered last week in a rather awesome evening spent with the nice people at Meat N16 (probably more on that later), which I fried up with onion garlic and some cherry tomatoes which were lurking in the bottom of the salad drawer.

I've also recently had a lunch of slightly pickled purple carrots and turnip with noodles and tuna.

A slightly weird mix of roasted squash and smoked mackerel.

And some lamb 'bolognese' (made from all the leftovery bits of the same lamb - mostly intended for shepherds' pie - this was the excess) with lovely steamed brassicas.

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Monday 12 November 2012

Late Home

Late home this evening post rehearsal and quite close to expiring with hunger/tiredness, so needed something super quick and easy...

Super Quick Easy Tea Recipe

- Fry chorizo bits, sliced onion and lots of garlic over a low heat, while you have a (disappointingly non-hot) shower.
- Towel dry hair, whilst chopping half a Chinese leaf cabbage.
- Add the cabbage to the pan and turn the heat up.
- Top with a delicious fried egg and eat while watching King of the Hill.

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The Magic of Leftovers

I've discovered over the course of my working life (I was going to say 'recently', but it's not really true - I've known it in the deep recesses of my heart for a Long Time) that packed lunches are a Good Thing.

They are tastier, probably 'healthier' (I hate that word) and generally more satisfying than the things that one ends up running out and buying in the available seven and a half minutes between meetings and glumphing down at the desk whilst frantically trying to simultaneously email X about Y and fend off questions on some kind of dull conference call, which are often a little disappointing.
(There are exceptions, of course, and the lure of the Scotch Egg Katsu Curry is occasionally overwhelming).

The king of the packed lunch world is obviously the Leftover. What could be better than recycling yesterday's tea?
There is Nothing.
Nothing, I tell you.

By way of an illustrative example, last night I ate chicken livers and stirfried veggies. I like the way the drizzled sriracha makes it look kind of dirty - like something from a kebab shop...
Husband complimented me on my awesome julienning skillz. I'm not sure Masterchef would agree - they weren't very uniform ;-)

Today, no livers left, but leftover vegetables with hard(ish) boiled eggs and some walnuts (for the scrunch factor).

My workmates with their inadequate sandwiches and whatnot were totally jealous*.


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Wednesday 7 November 2012

It's Been Ages

Since I properly shared my lunch with you...

So here it is - leftover venison 'bolognese' with crispy kale and tomato...

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