Sunday 28 October 2012

Totoro Flavoured Ice Cream

Some exciting things have happened recently, the most relevant one being the arrival of my lovely new computer...
This should enable far easier blogment than the previous one (which mainly didn't work), though probably won't magically conjure up fascinating things to write about or even time to write them in.
Though you never know, of course.

Anyway, this also allows me to show you what I've been making for this month's BSFIC event over on KaveyEats.

The theme this month was Japan (in celebration of Kavey's amazing holiday - welcome home!), which obviously brought one thing to mind immediately...

I had recently made a delicious Totoro cake, but I wasn't certain he would translate that well to ice cream and it seemed a bit cruel to mash up a load of Totoros just to make sorbet, so I tried to think of other tasty Japanese flavours.

I found a black sesame ice cream recipe here, which I made with a few mini adaptations to suit the things that were in my cupboard.

But it was a bit dull (though tasty).
So I did this.

Better ears next time :-)

Wednesday 10 October 2012


Just me this evening and the fridge was looking a little sparse, other than a couple of aubergines and some slightly manky looking heads of sweetcorn.

I sliced up my aubergines and spread them out with an onion.

And a garlic clove or twenty, which you'll just have to take my word for.

I stuck them in the oven for half an hour or so along with my corns, which turned out to only to be manky on the very outside, and crossed my fingers.

They came out like this - I thoroughly recommend the approach...

I ate them all up. Yums.

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Mini Fish

Lunch today of sprats, cucumber olives and noodles.
And various animal shaped sauces :)

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Tuesday 9 October 2012

A Few More Things

Last week, I roasted some sweetcorns and ate with duck eggs and some black beaned shiitake mushrooms.
I always forget how much I love corn on the cob - it's just delicious. And several million light years away from the vile stuff in tins.

We also ate duck livers and crispy kale (I like kale a lot anyway, but have recently discovered that you can roast it really quickly in the oven and it comes out like frispy crispy Chinese restaurant seaweed - genius).
Husband had rice with his and we drank champagne.

And venison stew (yum) with more kale.

Followed by a lunch of leftover crispies, gherkins and feta.
And sweet chilli sauce in a panda.

Grilled sprats and veggies.

And, this evening, a husband-cooked dinner of roasted duck legs and stirfried vegetables that was actually waiting for me when I got home. Best husband ever!

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Friday 5 October 2012

Recent Things

Recently, I have eaten this katsu sando from Lovely Tsuru...

A super quick dinner of eggs, purple carrots and miscellaneous vegetables;

Another egg/carrot based meal - this time lunch;

Some squash and chicken, lovingly roasted for me by my awesome husband;

A large volume of hotdogs and chippy variations at Bubbledogs;

And today's lunch - of, weirdly, noodles, aubergine and feta...

I've also been buying naughty treats from the Sous Chef website again :)

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