Tuesday 9 October 2012

A Few More Things

Last week, I roasted some sweetcorns and ate with duck eggs and some black beaned shiitake mushrooms.
I always forget how much I love corn on the cob - it's just delicious. And several million light years away from the vile stuff in tins.

We also ate duck livers and crispy kale (I like kale a lot anyway, but have recently discovered that you can roast it really quickly in the oven and it comes out like frispy crispy Chinese restaurant seaweed - genius).
Husband had rice with his and we drank champagne.

And venison stew (yum) with more kale.

Followed by a lunch of leftover crispies, gherkins and feta.
And sweet chilli sauce in a panda.

Grilled sprats and veggies.

And, this evening, a husband-cooked dinner of roasted duck legs and stirfried vegetables that was actually waiting for me when I got home. Best husband ever!

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