Monday 12 November 2012

The Magic of Leftovers

I've discovered over the course of my working life (I was going to say 'recently', but it's not really true - I've known it in the deep recesses of my heart for a Long Time) that packed lunches are a Good Thing.

They are tastier, probably 'healthier' (I hate that word) and generally more satisfying than the things that one ends up running out and buying in the available seven and a half minutes between meetings and glumphing down at the desk whilst frantically trying to simultaneously email X about Y and fend off questions on some kind of dull conference call, which are often a little disappointing.
(There are exceptions, of course, and the lure of the Scotch Egg Katsu Curry is occasionally overwhelming).

The king of the packed lunch world is obviously the Leftover. What could be better than recycling yesterday's tea?
There is Nothing.
Nothing, I tell you.

By way of an illustrative example, last night I ate chicken livers and stirfried veggies. I like the way the drizzled sriracha makes it look kind of dirty - like something from a kebab shop...
Husband complimented me on my awesome julienning skillz. I'm not sure Masterchef would agree - they weren't very uniform ;-)

Today, no livers left, but leftover vegetables with hard(ish) boiled eggs and some walnuts (for the scrunch factor).

My workmates with their inadequate sandwiches and whatnot were totally jealous*.


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