Thursday 15 November 2012

Few Days of Food

Last week, I met up with the marvellous MiMi, who donated me some of her equally marvellous kimchee.
I packed it up a few days later and ate it for lunch with some eggs.
It smelled amazing and tasted just as good.

For my tea that day, I ate some (slightly past it, but still tasty) roasted sweetcorns and the kidneys from a lamb that we butchered last week in a rather awesome evening spent with the nice people at Meat N16 (probably more on that later), which I fried up with onion garlic and some cherry tomatoes which were lurking in the bottom of the salad drawer.

I've also recently had a lunch of slightly pickled purple carrots and turnip with noodles and tuna.

A slightly weird mix of roasted squash and smoked mackerel.

And some lamb 'bolognese' (made from all the leftovery bits of the same lamb - mostly intended for shepherds' pie - this was the excess) with lovely steamed brassicas.

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  1. As a modern independent woman I ADORE your blog!!! I have written this poem about it, which I am sending to delicious. magazine.

    Recipes that can't be beat
    Whether for fish, vegetables or meat
    I don't read delicious. magazine or Heat
    But that helpful blog called Things I Eat!!!


    1. Thank you so much, Mrs Hand, for taking the time out of your modern independent life to read and comment on my blog.
      I'm enormously touched by your beautiful poem - you must let us all know how you get on with Delicious magazine.
      In fact - you must check back here in a few days - I have a guest post coming up by an up and coming new blogger that I think you'll LOVE!!!