Wednesday 28 November 2012

The Cheesecake of Wanton Excess and Other Stories

I was bribed/cajoled into making this monstrosity for my workmates in exchange for some handy work-type things...

Here it is...

And here's the inside (messy - I only had a very tiny knife)

And the slice.

Ridiculous, no?

I now have a fridge full of leftover Italian meringue - maybe tunnocks type teacakes again? Or something else - ideas welcomed warmly :)

On a slightly less fatty/sugary/bonkers note, here's what I had for tea last night - fried mushrooms and garlic with eggs and a teeny bit of Stilton...

Here's what I ate at the rather splendid Ciao Bella on Sunday evening...

And here is a selection of crazy cheeseness from ForzaWinter on Saturday evening (v fun - you must all go while you still can).

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  1. Christ on a pogo stick now THAT is a cake!

  2. Wow, that is one good looking cheesecake, sister!

    I always forget the difference between French and Italian meringue when I'm whippin' up a few macarons for my buddies. So I came up with this little rhyme to help me remember:

    To make meringue from ITALY
    a SUGAR SYRUP there must be
    but if this step you do neglect
    then FRENCH meringue you should expect.

    Hope it helps ya! Love Dan.