Wednesday 27 February 2013

Accidentally Meat Free Monday

Last night I finally managed to drag myself through in through my front door at about 9.30pm following a long day at work, an unexpectedly failed MOT, a faraway rehearsal and an extremely cold trainschlep back, only to be greeted by starving cats, cold water, a broken shower and a depressing pile of washing up...
I made this* to cheer/warm myself up - mapo tofu, vegetarian stylee - broadly based on a recipe by Fuschia Dunlop that I vaguely remember reading somewhere on the interwebs...
I ate it with salad, due to it being both easy and available.

*In case you were worried, I obviously fed the starving cats first. I didn't wash up, though...
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1 comment:

  1. was wondering how does someone accidentally do meat-free haha. sounds yummy, not missing the meat here at all! need to get hold of fuschia dunlop's book, it seems everybody lately is cooking from it urgh!