Tuesday 28 May 2013

Just One Cornetto...

Or maybe a few, actually, now that I think about it...

I made some ice cream cones - I used the recipe here, which I believe originated with David Lebovitz (hardly surprising really!).

And once I had the hang of it, they weren't even too hard to "cone up", though it's lucky I have asbestos-like fingers.

They were nice - we ate some of the ones that didn't make it - very very sweet - like a cornetto, so we did a bit of research.

I made a vanilla condensed milk ice cream - I used a bit more cream than condensed milk this time (probably 60:40 instead of the usual 50:50) so as to minimise the sweetness and work better with the sugary sugar cones.

For added cornettoness, I froze some of the ice cream inside the cones and added some dark chocolate and chopped toasted hazelnuts.

We also made a few different cone ideas - some with chocolate and nut rims and some with chocolate coating inside, mainly just as a bit of practice for next time (I'm definitely planning a next time - I have a few 'soirees' coming up - these would be a perfect pudding).

These are in honour of this month's BSFIC challenge.

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  1. Just ooooooooooooooone corneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetto!


    No really. Give it to me. PLEASE. I want one...