Tuesday 31 May 2011

Burger Monday

Our menu for the evening (with handy instructions, in case we happen to have four different cuts of beef lying around at home to recreate the scene later)

First course - salad - may not look like much but was good and had yummy anchovy bits and a tasty crispy peppery crouton thing :-)

The main event...

Now that's a serious amount of burger.

You can't really see the scale in my rubbish pictures, but even with serious squashing, I couldn't properly fit it into my mouth :-)

And, just to make sure there was absolutely no way we'd need to eat again this week, pudding.

Burger Monday, brought to us by http://youngandfoodish.com/events/burgermonday and, more specifically today, by John Cadieux of Goodman and O'Shea's butchers.

I shall definitely be returning for further burgerage soonly - amazing!

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