Saturday 31 December 2011

This Coming Year...

... I resolve:

- To get good with chocolate. I pretty much know what I'm doing, but I really need to practise to become more consistent.

- To learn to use my camera to take awesome photographs. I think I might need some actual classes for this one. Or a good book, at least, if anyone can recommend one.

- To do something nice every day - some kind of good deed - it doesn't have to be huge, but it does have to be intentional and voluntary.

There are other, obvious, things that I'd like to do, but I'm a realist and I don't want to be a stereotype, so I think that I'll just do them quietly, in my own time, instead of publicly resolving them for the year.

I'd be grateful for all the support I can get, dear readers, in whatever manner possible, not least in the manner of chocolate testing/disposal.

I hope that 2012 brings you everything you wish for, all of you. Happy New Year!

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