Saturday 31 March 2012

Tis the Season

Those of you that know me or read any of my blog at about this time last year will know to be prepared for a LOT of pictures of a similar nature, as we have now officially entered my favourite bit of the year - Asparagus Season.

Hooray hurrah and calloo callay :-)

We began celebrations last Wednesday with this - grilled asparagus, PSB and duck livers.

And continued the following day with haggisagne (or, in my case, more like haggisaka, as I put aubergines into my end rather than pasta) topped with further grilled asparagus.

And, in a less asparagus related turn of events, I also made a prototype Easter cake, which I forced my long suffering workmates to eat.

Which actually looked much more interesting on the inside.

And I made my first Herman the German apple cake, who is very much like (if not the actual same as) the slightly insidious Friendship Cake that was knocking around when I was at school.

We went out for lunch yesterday, which probably deserves its own post, so here, instead, is the Easter present I bought for myself from Selfridges on the way home.
I am VERY excited about it.

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