Wednesday 16 May 2012

Lost and Alone

Husband is away at the moment. It's been ages since I was last living on my own in the flat...
I (and the cats) miss him a lot, but it's some consolation that I can eat all the naughty things that I'm not usually allowed (because he doesn't like them, not because he's a diet monitoring control freak ;-) ).

Many eggs have featured.
Scrambled in particular, as those are usually banished.
No pictures of those for now, though. Maybe tomorrow - to celebrate the last day of food freedom...

Courgette 'pasta' and mince. With no tomatoes, as we inexplicably had no tins in the cupboard. Well, one, actually - a slightly manly looking one that I rescued from tieback of the fridge.
And grilled portobello mushrooms - yum.
This one was from before husband went away, so isn't actually illegal at all.
I might make my mince without tomatoes again - it was nice - super beefy.

First day of naughty food.
Tuna steak (tuna is banned, since a poisoning incident a VERY long time ago - weirdly, I don't really get food associations from that stuff - no self preservation instinct at all) with roasted monstersparagus and a bit of spring onion and garlic.

And today - roasted vegetables (including more giant asparagus) and delicious mustard, chilli and garlic sauced kidneys.
Kidneys have been fairly recently outlawed - he used to like them.
I love them, and these particular ones were utterly delicious. There's leftovers for lunch tomorrow and everything :-)

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  1. I know what you mean...I've got some alone time coming up and I suspect I'll be eating a lot of junk!