Saturday 12 May 2012

A Mahoosive Catch Up, A Lot of Beef and A Big Lunch

Once again, I haven't said anything here for some time, so here's a "small" catch up...

Some duck livers with fried leeks, green beans, asparagus and stuff.

More asparagus, with delicious beef chilli and a bit of slightly dry parmesan that I found at the back of the fridge.

I made some "perfect" salty chocolate chip cookies. Husband thought the salt was weird, but I thought it was awesome... Marital disharmony in action ;-)

We drank some champagne. Our stocks are becoming dangerously low. I'm planning for us to do a mini purchasing road trip in September, but I think we might have to be a bit more sparing than we've become accustomed to, as we'll be hard pushed to make it through till then otherwise...

I made some Momofuku style chocolate cookies - good but a bit of a faff to make - enormously chocolatey.

I ate some boiled eggs with asparagus. This is clearly my staple spring dinner. Sriracha sauce makes me happy - I ate this too.

More beef chilli (leftovers - yay) - this time with courgettes and green beans.

More eggsparagus. Don't they look yolky and nice.

A giraffe picture (London Zoo, I think) that I found on my phone - brief respite from the food...

Asparagus and eggs (I like it - sorry) - and bonus weekend butter...

I accidentally walked through Broadway Market last Saturday and bought expensive mushrooms and a very cheap pigs heart. Both were awesome.

Poached egg, asparagus, char grilled tomatoes and capers. Variations on a theme.

It was my dad's birthday. I made him this off centre birthday cake.
I am still picking hundreds and thousands out of... Well... You know...

And here's how it looked inside.

We went to the Stir Wars charity supper club last weekend (more on this later).
Darth Vadar and a variety of Storm Troopers were reluctant to let rebel husband in, but we did eventually manage to penetrate the deflector shields and gain entry.

I'm a bit obsessed with sourdough at the moment (I made a new starter a week or two ago and it's all new and exciting). This is a (pre oven) sourdough pizza that I made for husband.
I stupidly forgot to photograph it post cooking, but it was very pretty.

Anyone who has read other bits of bloggage may recall my exciting Ginger Pig trip a few weeks ago, when I made this.

Well, on Tuesday, we finally managed to roast it. We ate some in the format of a roast dinner with roasted veggies and broccoli, with potatoes for husband.
The meat did not disappoint.

We ate the leftovers again on Wednesday in the format of a delicious stir fry (which I also leftover leftovered for lunch the following day).

And finally* again on Thursday, grilled in bits with asparagus, kohlrabi and vinaigrette.
*I actually ate the very final bit for lunch on Friday in a very similar format, out of a jam jar, weirdly, as I couldn't find any real tupperware.

I have rendered down the fat into dripping and stocked up the bones to recycle further another day.

On Friday, we got a fabulous mystery box from Jonathan Norris via Hubbub of Awesome Fish Bits - it had tuna steaks, which are snuggled up in the freezer, but also, totally excitingly, a whole turbot.

We roasted him in the oven with a bit of lemon juice and olive oil.

And then ate him with asparagus and roasted garlic and shallots. And beautiful white Burgundy.

And today, we went to the new(ish - I know, I know - we're So Late to the party) Hawksmoor Bar at Spitalfields for lunch where, to husband's slight horror, we totally pigged out.
Photos are by the (not very light) light of our table candle - sorry - it was DARK.

Here is his cheeseburger.
He liked it, but thought it was (and he was as surprised about this as anyone) a bit too meaty. Meat sauce on a meaty burger was maybe a bit much. He missed something ketchuppy - the gherkin alone wasn't really acidic enough to cut through all the meatiness.
Maybe kimchi burger next time, I think.
The bun and actual burger and things were really good though.

And my chilli cheese dog.
Amazing - the actual sausage was really really good - I've never really been a hot dog person, but if they're all like this now, then I'm totally in.
The cheese and chilli was extreme (though good) - I'd like to try without next time, just to see.
Again - really good bun.
This was almost the pick of the dishes today, I think.

Smashed cucumbers (utterly lovely, and a good foil to all the meaty, greasy extremeness) and jalapeƱo coleslaw (not totally sure why I ordered this - neither of us really loves coleslaw - I think I was seduced by the jalapeƱos. It was ok, but not super jalapenoey).

Chicken poutine. A risk - I was pretty sure this wasn't going to be my thing. I don't really do gravy. But everyone assured me that it would be good, despite sounding so, well, weird and icky...
I was kind of right - it was a little bit odd for both of us, though the crispy chicken skin was awesome.
I'm glad we tried it, and, to be honest, I ate a fair bit, but I think it maybe just isn't for me. Sorry. Chips next time. On their own :-)

And the much fabled short rib nuggets - incredibly rich little bits of porky ribbiness and cheese fried into balls and dipped into liquid kimchi.
Husband was a bit freaked out by them, but I'd definitely go for these as a bar snack. Though I'd probably want to share. Extreme.

Chicken wings.
I almost didn't order these. Am so glad I did. They were the other candidate for dish of the day. Absolutely delicious. Acidy, juicy, sticky loveliness. These are DEFINITELY on my bar snack wish list.

We also had some drinks.
As ever, I thought the cocktails were utterly delicious. Well balanced and tasty.

My Colony Cocktail - gin, pink grapefruit and angostura's (I think) - lovely - totally refreshing.

And husband's crazy Nuclear Banana Daiquiri - he says that he thinks this might be his best cocktail ever. High praise indeed.
*Edit - husband wishes me to make it known that this was his actual best drink of the year so far*

My Marmalade Cocktail is hiding just behind it - also totally lovely. Orangey and lemony, with just enough Campari to add a bit of interest.

A fantastic lunch.
Not for every day, but occasionally, definitely.
And I'll definitely be back for drinks and bar snacks.
And now that we've tried everything, we don't even have to eat quite so much next time :-)

Apologies for longness of post - anyone who's still with me - thank you!

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