Thursday 23 August 2012

Making Kimchi

I recently came into possession of some Korean chilli powder and glutinous rice flour (thank you again lovely Sous Chef Shop), so kimchi was inevitable really.

I cooked a custardy thing with a bit of the flour and some water and mixed it with probably half a tub of chilli powder and some stinky fish sauce.

I mixed it into some chopped napa cabbage, ginger and spring opinions and left it in a bowl for a bit.

And then I stuck it into sterilised jars and left them out to ferment for a few days (opening the jars occasionally to let out the build up of gas).

They're in the fridge now.
They won't last long - I can't stop eating them. Kimchi rocks.

I have also made some cookies in the style of Heston. Very few remain.

Also, I've eaten some things...

Stirfried vegetables with shiritaki noodles.

Chicken and roasted brassicas.

Leftover vegetable salad and butternut squash.

Livers, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Squid and courgettes.

And some (sideways) eggnimals. Yum :)