Tuesday 14 August 2012

Things I Have Eaten This Week

Wall-E, duck livers and things that are green.

Tea in the garden with @ginandcrumpets (who is a delicious-food-genius).

And again in close up...

Lazy Sunday spritzes.

And rum, lime and soda (I'm not a total boozehound - honest!)

Sunday afternoon stuffed marrow - stuffed with (veggie only) mushroom "ragu", much to husband's horror.
Cooking the ragu.

Stuffing the marrow.

And finally - out of the oven.

I also made some jammy dodgers.

And the beginnings of some lovely stinky kimchi.

And that's the story of my life so far... Tune in again for chapter 1,725.
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  1. veggie stuffed marrow sounds and looks fab to me too, pity about your under-appreciative husband! love the kimchi too. tip I posted about before: make a spice paste using rice flour to coat all the veggies really well (: good luck x

    1. Thanks Shu Han.
      That's exactly what I did re the kimchi, so hopefully it will be successful!
      It smells good so far :)