Thursday 25 July 2013

Everything But The Duck

It was my birthday last weekend (or possibly the one before), so husband and I went to Duck and Waffle and ate (and drank) everything.

It was awesome. We ordered a million things and mysteriously acquired some bonus extra things too (one of many reasons to love D&W) - we basically waddled out at the end - probably just as well we don't have birthdays more than once a year.

Here is a selection of pictures of what went down...

Pretty drinks in the (lovely lovely air conditioned) bar.

Crispy pigs' ears - like slightly chewier pork scratching a covered with magic dust. I knew these were good. Husband got to enjoy the revelatory experience of eating them for the first time.

Dates wrapped in bacon - I think I'd call these Devils on Horseback.
I don't like dried fruit mostly. I love these.

Octopus - I'm pretty sure this remains my favourite thing at D&W (and possibly in the World). Just delicious. Those crispy capers! Mmmmm...

Raw fish selection. Scallops, halibut and tuna. So pretty. So tasty. We *might* have eaten one of the scallops prior to photographing.

Beetroot with goat cheese and what are, to all intents and purposes, hunks of crunchie bar. I've wanted to order this before, but never managed it. It was very sweet. Husband did not love. I liked it quite a lot, but think I might have it for pudding next time...

Ox cheek doughnut. I deliberately didn't order this, as I thought husband would turn his nose up at it (and it we had been a bit sweet for my taste last time), but it arrived as a tasty bonus. It was much better than last time - really nice and spicy. And husband LOVED it. His (savoury) dish of the day, I think.

And puddings. We ordered torrejas to share - basically delicious maple caramelly apples with golden toast (made of brioche) and cinnamon ice cream. It was everything we dreamed it would be - husband was smitten. I'm definitely going to try to recreate this one at home!

And a bonus dessert (in case we hadn't eaten enough already) or vanilla baked alaska. With strawberry sauce and lurid green mint oil. 
I liked this both because it tasted good AND because it looked a bit like an alien.

And the sunset through the window. Most spectacular restaurant setting ever.

AND in case that wasn't enough birthday fun for one year, on the way home, there was A KITTEN ON THE TRAIN.

Best day ever.


  1. Amazing. I think I'd explode if I saw a kitten on the train home

    1. It was a close run thing, what with all the food AND the kitten...

  2. Oooh! I really need to go at some point. If I ever miss my last train home, I think I could easily stay at D&W until the first one in the morning.

    As cute as it is, who takes a kitten on a train?

    1. YOU MUST - I think it mighht be my favourite place. It's definitely one of them.

      And I agree - utterly bonkers. Though she managed to hang onto him miraculously well. And he WAS very lovely.