Tuesday 27 August 2013

Bakeoff Bakealong: Week 1: Cake

I thought it might be fun to bake along with this season of the Great British Bake Off (or #GBBO, as it's "colloquially" known).

Who knows how far I'll get (hopefully a little further, as I'm looking forward to the muffins), but here's last week's technical bake - passion fruit and lemon style angel food cake.

It's a proper fatless American sponge - no butter or egg yolks - and it came out much better than I was expecting - actually quite moist as well as being fluffy.

I'm going to take it to work in the morning and force feed it to my colleagues - I shall report back on the results.

I obviously didn't have the right kind of tin and my only ring cake tin was much too small, so I just stuck a tumbler in the middle of my usual 10 inch loose bottomed tin.

There were two bonuses to this recipe. The first is that there's loads of lovely lemon curd left (probably for some kind of regatta cake later in the week) and the second is that it turns out that passion fruit is delicious :)

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