Sunday 8 September 2013

Bakeoff Bakealong: Week 2: Bread

So - week 2 - English muffins. Or just "muffins", as they were called when we used to eat them growing up.

I'm on holiday this week, so my kitchen setup is a little more, well, "basic" than usual.
Don't worry, though, I'm not going to regale you with tales of baking on the boat-based primus stove or anything, though I'm pleased to report that I DO still know how to light it - always a challenge from year to year.

I made these muffins today, despite the fact that it's only me here and that I'm going home tomorrow - always the sensible one.

They were pretty easy, as it turned out, and obviously a fairly robust recipe, since I left the dough to prove for about 5 hours longer than necessary (I got trapped out by an unexpected rain shower - the kitchen is pretty cold - I reckon it didn't overprove *that* much) and I didn't have a griddle. Or a heavy based frying pan. Or any cutters. Or all of the right ingredients. Oh - or any remotely accurate scales.

Still - they look pretty good, I'd say, despite the lack of roundness. And they taste muffiny. I know this, having eaten one or two*.

Rustic. I think that's the word.


[EDIT] This morning, I bacon-and-egg-ed them up in the style of Maccy D... I think you'll agree that this is extremely pleasing.

I watched week three in the garden on my laptop yesterday - iles flottant it is, I guess - those are going to be DIFFICULT to get into work in the morning :)

Also - just for a bit of extra holiday vibe - there were some amazing rainbows here yesterday - I honestly don't think I've ever seen one so bright.

* A big big lot.

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