Friday 15 August 2014

Baking Along With GBBO: Week Two: Florentines

I confess that I wasn't massively excited about biscuit week - I have a few nice biscuit/cookie recipes that I use over and over again, as they clearly represent a handy portable baked item, but I can't say that I find them very, well, exciting.

Anyway, the technical challenge turned out to be florentines, which I'm not certain I'd ever really considered even to be a biscuit, but I'd certainly never made before.

Not super challenging, I think, other than the tempering of the chocolate (I used a nasty cheap chocolate for the first lot that entirely refused to temper and switched to some kind of Aldi dark for the remainder which worked much better), but a bit of microwaving took care of that.

They turned out pretty well, though I was far too lazy to make the proper zigzags that the judges were so inexplicably keen on :)

Husband conducted a taste test during a period of extreme hunger when I was late home for dinner last night.
He declared them "OK - tasty (and crisp like Mary Berry wanted), but not really a biscuit", which, I think pretty much sums them up.

I might make them for Christmas - they seem festive.


  1. I love a Florentine. There was a cafe chain in Sydney that sold HUGE ones with a choice of dark, milk or white choc on the back. They certainly aren't dunkable, which is really the measure of a proper biscuit.

    1. Dunkability - that's it! I couldn't quite put my finger on it before :)
      They are good, though, and super super quick and easy...