Saturday 2 April 2011

Excess Cookery Book Details

OK, so, as noted on Twitter, in order to be allowed to have any lovely new cookery books, it transpires that (in the interests of a Happy Marriage), I shall have to get rid of some of the old ones.

So I'm starting with these...

I'm pretty sure I don't actually need these:

And, sad as I am to lose it, this is also very rarely used now:

These ones are slightly more painful, but I'm trying to focus on reaping the Glorious Glorious benefits...

I was always secretly slightly disappointed with my edition of Good Housekeeping. It's just not the same as the one at my parents' house. Some things don't need to be updated:

And this one is actually a genuinely good book - much better than it looks, in fact. The recipes aren't necessarily the best thing ever, but the handy tips and illustrated techniques are absolutely fantastic. I know how to joint a chicken and fillet a mackerel, but if I didn't, this book is definitely where I'd go to look it up!

Let me know (comment or twitter or something) if you fancy taking any of them off my hands.
I can probably hand them over in person to Londoners, and could almost certainly arrange something for anyone less local.
If not, then I guess I'll hit Freecycle :-)

Finally, here are some cats.
You can't have them, though - they're just a lend...

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