Sunday 17 April 2011

Other Final Holiday Things

Last holiday post for a while, I promise! While I can still remember what it was like not to be at work ;-)

As referenced here and here, we recently had a lovely mini holiday.

I've grown up spending pretty much all available holiday time by the sea - on (and in and around) the water in Suffolk and at the amazing beaches of South Wales - but I've never really done the whole South Coast thing, other than the odd day trip to Brighton and a couple of weekends sailing on the Solent, so Dorset was new territory to me (and to the husband, to whom, having grown up in the Highlands and spent much of his life since in Edinburgh, it is pretty much a foreign country).

I'd like to go back some time with some slightly more clement weather to do a bit more exploration of the beautiful Jurassic coastline (and, if possible, find some dinosaurs) - I did drag husband to the beach in the rain twice during our stay, but it would be good to revisit when it wasn't too slippery to climb the cliffs and possibly also with someone who could show me how you choose which stones to hit with your hammer in order to stand a good chance of getting at the aforementioned dinosaurs. And also when it was just marginally warmer so that I could go SWIMMING :-)

Some noteable things from our stay:

Volcano Ice. Are you tempted? I was. But mean husband said that I wasn't allowed.

Obviously, I did it anyway :-) And he was forced to eat his words. Delicious - yummy fresh hot doughnuts, whippy ice cream and your choice of sauce. And sold to us by a really nice man. What's not to like? Volcano Ice - I recommend it, if you ever have the opportunity!

Cringingly fantastic pub sign. Husband is planning to send it to Viz. He doesn't see how it could fail to be printed. Fame clearly awaits.

And my other Giant Fish (plaice) of the holiday. It was like a theme.

Plaice was from our dinner at Bridge House - he was a bit buttery, but very tasty. I'm sorry we didn't manage a picture of husband's meal (don't remember why), but it was beautiful and very tasty - venison loin AND a mini venison pie.

I've been back at work a couple of weeks now. Feel like I could use another holiday :-)

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