Friday 1 April 2011


I was overjoyed to get a Twitter tip for a place that sells Morels a week or so ago...
It didn't take much deliberation before I parted company with a large sun of money in exchange for a box of mushroomy goodness :-)

I'm planning chicken with half of them on Sunday (in the very vaguest sense of the word 'planning') but tonight, in preparation, we had pasta (well, husband had actual pasta. Mine was just imaginary) with creamy morel sauce.

We also had a rather incongruous tomato-with-wild-garlic-pesto thing, as we were both hungry and desperate to eat our hard-foraged wild garlic.

We drank a bottle of 2005 Bruno Clair Morey St Denis blanc, which was absolutely gorgeous and a great match for the morels.

I'm finding it a bit hard not to be sad that half of them are gone already...
Pretty sure it was worth the heartache though!

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