Sunday 7 August 2011

A Happy Accident or What to Do With Italian Meringue

This was supposed to be a post about a passion fruit meringue pie, that I made to take to a BBQ (which, in fact, turned out very well), but has morphed somewhat, due to the need to use up the leftover meringue.

I had been planning to recycle the meringue that I didn't use into macarons or similar, but eavesdropping a few conversations on Twitter gave me another idea...

I knocked up some quick shortbread rounds (using the infallible 1-2-3 recipe)

Then I piped meringue circles round the edge (to avoid seepage) and spooned jam (almost the end of the final jar of wedding strawberry jam, in fact - it's lasted nearly a year) into the middles

I chopped the end off my meringue filled piping bag, to make a bigger hole, and piped meringue over the top.

Can you tell what they are yet?
Husband couldn't, and they're practically his national dish ;-)

I stuck them in the fridge to chill while I tempered some chocolate, then I smothered them and left them out to set while I went off to eat meat and Big Prawns at the BBQ.

And later, when we returned, hey presto - Not-Tunnocks Teacakes :-)


  1. They look amazing. I just hope you eat them properly!

  2. Where did the jam go?! Is it magic?

  3. You could definitely *taste* the jam...
    I think you could see it in some of the others too. Yes, though - clearly magic.