Thursday 29 September 2011

Many Day Catch Up

Apologies for lack of bloggage - I have clearly been very lazy recently...

Here are some things that my camera remembers me doing in the last week or so (on a personal level, my brain is mush, and I no longer recall what I was doing 25 minutes, let alone three days ago).

I went to work both days at the weekend, but celebrated finishing up early on Sunday by roasting an enormous hunk o'lamb that had been previously clogging up my freezer.

We drank husband's celebratory 2004 Cristal, not exactly with the lamb, but kind of around the edges of it.

I made the leftovers (which were many and voluminous) into a huge shepherds' pie the next day, which was tragically unphotographed.
There's still a chunk of it in the freezer (the circle of foodlife), so I guess there may be a second chance.

At the same time, I made Dan Lepard's beautiful sour cream chocolate cake, which I did photograph...

I'm still trying to foist the rest of it onto willing victims - please shout if you're prepared to help!

Yesterday, I had lovely lovely dinner and many ridiculous cocktails with the marvellous @EffBeeee (who is unquestionably, as far as I'm concerned, one of the best things to have come out of Twitter - you must all follow her instantly), which were in a fartoodark place for visible photographs, but were totally amazing. One was actually ALIVE and smokin' :-)

Today, I got GOODIES from the nice people at Hubbub - my third order, in fact.
I shall write a real proper post about them soonly, but, until then, if you like Tasty Things and live in East or North London, you must visit them post haste!

We cooked the sardines straight away, with spinach, French beans, garlic and fish sauce. YUM.

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