Friday 28 September 2012

Lunch and Frozen Stuff

Here's my lunch today.
The leftover chicken is pretty much done now, so maybe some more interesting things to see next week...

Non lunch related, but, for various reasons, we need to "eat down" some of the contents of our freezer.

There are lots of lollies (which should pose no problems), some stock (which might), various bits of leftover cake and eggwhites (does anyone want any cake pops or meringues?) and, probably most critically, an entire ox heart, not to mention a couple of his kidneys.
Now, I have a few nice things in mind to make with these, but, when I bought them, I perhaps didn't really realise quite how, well, large they would be, so what I'm after from you clever and lovely people is ideas for things to do with them that don't involve inviting over everyone I've ever met for a heart* eating party...

So - please provide ideas! I can reward you in meat.
Or cake pops ;)

*Kidneys perhaps a wee bit less problematic - you can't really go wrong with a nice steak and kidney stew/pie/pudding or three, can you?

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