Friday 28 September 2012


The whole idea of spiced ice creams - the theme of this month's BSFIC - was a slightly weird one for me. When I first saw it, all that came into my head was cinnamon, nutmeg and Christmas spices, which actually are not my favourite thing.

However, when I suggested it to husband, he had lots of good ideas and all sorts of suggestions of spices, both sweet and savoury, which I really love and eat all the time.

So we started with saffron - I love saffron, with its beautiful colour, tangy taste and overtones of luxury and decided to try and make something nice with saffron and yogurt, which seemed like a good mix, combining a number of the things that I've learnt over the course of these ice cream blogs.

I stuck a pinch of saffron strands into a glass with a teeny tiny bit of boiling water and left it to stand for ten minutes or so.

I whipped up (as far as such things can be whipped) some Greek yogurt, until it was a bit fluffy.

I added half a tin of condensed milk and a little bit of lemon essence for added tang and whisked a bit more, before mixing in the (now cool) saffron and water (by then, a pleasing orange colour).

I poured the mixture into my magnum-type moulds and stuck them in the freezer overnight, et voila - saffron yogurt lollies- kind of like posh mini milks :)

Delicious - lemony, saffrony and refreshing - these turned out really well.

HOWEVER, I was also keen to utilise my lovely new zoku (it arrived a day or two ago - I am VERY excited about it), so I also knocked up some strawberry and black pepper lollies...
No pictures here, but it was dead easy - I liquidised some strawberries, mixed in cracked black pepper (quite a lot) and stuck them in the pre-frozen zoku to freeze.

Very very easy, and just as yummy as the saffron - next time I shall be going for the lazy option first :)

This is my entry for this month's Bloggers Scream For Ice Cream event over at Kavey Eats.

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