Monday 24 September 2012

Tesco Real Food Baking

Last week, I was invited to an afternoon tea themed masterclass hosted by Tesco in honour of their Real Food Baking Challenge, which you should all enter to win some awesome prizes!

We all schlepped along to the rather lovely Food at 52 cookery school (which I shall definitely be investigating further when I'm feeling a bit richer) which was rather like stepping into someone's house. Someone slightly eccentric, with a suit of armour in their living room...

After a bit of welcoming (and welcome) prosecco in the parlour, we headed down into the kitchen and split into groups, where we baked up some tasty treats.

My group made caramel shortbread, black forest cupcakes and some totally cheaty but very successful fruit tarts (recipes here, here and here).

The other group made a sandwich cake, a collection of gorgeous little bakewell tarts (I'll definitely be recreating these at home) and some jammy, creamy scones.

We had a lot of fun baking, gorging ourselves on our creations (and some magical sandwiches) and drinking and, though I'm not certain I learned a lot of new baking secrets (I think the class was maybe aimed more at non bakers), I certainly took away some lovely cake and pastry ideas, as well as an awesome Real Food goody bag and a yen for bakewell tarts!

Thanks to Tesco Real Food for the masterclass and photographs.

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  1. Yeah the bakewell tarts were the thing I'll be most likely to try again... not difficult and very tasty! :-)