Wednesday 11 January 2012

Fast Food

I took my desk piggy bank to Tesco's after work today and emptied him into the Magic Coin Machine... £100! Amazing, no?

To celebrate, I spent 30 of those pounds on light bulbs, anchovies and a DVD.
The woman behind me in the (seemingly interminable) queue was buying sanitary towels in two different sizes and fig rolls. Now that's some focused shopping right there...
I like to think that she was also admiring my purchases.

After all the adventuring there was little time remaining to make tea, so we had swiftly grilled pork bits, stirfried shiitake mushrooms and pak choi and leftovers from last night. Husband had rice too - he was hungry.

I mixed an egg into the last of the previous day's leftovers and baked them in a mini loaf for tomorrow's lunch. I feel so organised, it's actually a little bit hurty...

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  1. Fricking hell.... if I ever work with you, I know who's desk piggy I need to raid for the readies! ;P

  2. Not any more... He's empty now :-)