Monday 30 January 2012

Sunday Supper and the Weekend

Salmon with baby leek gratin and stirfried sprouts and shallots, which we ate alongside a delicious Mersault.

This weekend, I have also recycled all our leftover citrus fruits into marmalade,

made rhubarb jam (and eaten a lot of rhubarb),

and made blood orange curd...

There is also a rhubarb cake just out of the oven - might take it and test it on my workmates tomorrow...

I'll maybe blog some actual methods for some of these things at some stage if anyone is interested - I'm pretty pleased with the cake, at least.

I'm also planning some proper Seville marmalade over the next few days and I have some kumquats destined for candying.

I don't mind in the normal scheme of things, but sterilising all the stupid jars for this stuff is the one thing that makes me really yearn for a dishwasher.

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