Thursday 17 February 2011

And also

Last night, in last ditch attempt to make the most of my Two Days Off, I made Romantic Valentine Last Rolo fairy cakes.
I got up too late to put them in tins this morning, though, so will be taking them to work with me tomorrow instead.

I just made normal fairy cakes (with foolproof cake recipe - 3 eggs, plus their weight in butter, sugar and flour - infallible) with rolos in the middle and iced them with a rather inspired (even if I say so myself) caramel buttercream (buttercream with added caramel - I'm so cunning) and sprinkled them with cocoa powder...

The rolos turned weird and crispy, a bit like Dime Bars - I quite like this effect, but might try freezing them first next time, to see if I can achieve a more roloey effect.
The caramel buttercream was a triumph, though. It's all I can do now to stop myself breaking into the tins and licking the tops off all the cakes :-)
The Other Half likes them too. He doesn't always go for sweet things, but when I got home today there were three less than I'd made last night. A ringing endorsement!


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