Friday 25 February 2011

Late Night Mincing

The lovely husband and I were talking the other day about food ( this happens fairly often, so I don't remember the precise context) and he was bemoaning the fact that we ate too many things that he didn't understand ( whatever that means...) and that we never just ate Mince...

I'm not sure that that's strictly true, but I'm not averse to a nice Mince myself, so, when the lovely people at Abel & Cole had a special offer on this week, I sought to rectify the situation.

Last night, he was out at a band practice, so I made a tasty Mince (with lots of chilli, tomato and soy sauce) and some roasted vegetables (mainly squash and beetroot - I love beetroot) for when he got home.
I ate mine with swathes of nommy home made mayonnaise.
I'm such a piggy :-)

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