Tuesday 8 March 2011

Late Weekend Lamb Post

We had a plethora (is two a plethora?) of mini-nephews for lunch on Sunday, with accompanying family.
They were a bit stringy though, so we made do with lamb instead (HAHAHAHA - sometimes I amaze myself with my own comic genius).

Delightfully roasted (even if I do say so myself) leg of salt marsh lamb (courtesy of the lovely Marky Market) - pictured here being slashed to pieces by my splendid husband.

Accompanied by boulangere potatoes (made with stock that might have been chicken, but was probably veal and almost certainly not lamb - I am a very very bad labeller), which we cooked under the lamb.

And brussels sprouts (controversially, one of my very favourite things) fried with bacon and lemon zest, in an attempt to sell them to other people and cauliflower.

We followed this with a (sadly unphotographed) Sex Cake, which I shall definitely be making again soon - tasty and incredibly easy.

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