Saturday 12 March 2011

Mini Octopusssessses

I've been too tired/busy/lame (delete as appropriate) to remember to photograph anything before eating it for the last couple of days.

Here's some tempura type mini octopi and carrotty salad to make up for it.
I liberally coated everything with mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, post photograph.
You should probably be pleased that you don't have to view my Gluttony :-)

In other news, I've now been three days Meat Free.
This actually isn't *that* unusual for me, but it still feels like some kind of achievement. Part of me wants to indulge in Extreme Meat Greed at the weekend to compensate.
You know? Steak topped with foie gras and a side of sweetbreads. And a black pudding starter. Possibly with chips. Cooked in dripping.
Or something :-)

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