Thursday 31 March 2011

Shout Out for Taste of London Tickets

A couple of weeks ago, I enthusiastically ordered a pair of (VIP, I think) tickets for the Friday (June 17th) evening at the fabulous Taste of London festival.

I love the Taste festival - we've had a really great time there in previous years - tasting little mini things from posh restaurants, talking to producers, sampling samples of absolutely everything that's on offer and, usually, buying way more chilli sauces than a household could possibly wish for.

However, it has since (tragically) been brought to my attention that we are off to a wedding that evening (that makes me sound really disorganised - I'm not - I just didn't know) and therefore cannot use our lovely lovely Taste tickets.

It would be a terrible thing to let them go to waste, so if anyone fancies them, I'd love to pass them on (I think Americans call it 'paying it forward' or or something similarly pithy)!

Let me know (comment, tweet or email is fine) if you'd like them and we can arrange the details?

Cheers everyone :-)

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