Tuesday 1 March 2011

Fowl Sunday (and some retro stylings).

Actually it ended up being quite a nice day (hahahahahaha - sorry).

Sunday started off really badly, when I cunningly got up early to try to do some (horrible weekend) work, before the Husband emerged, only to find that I couldn't dial in to my office PC because the stupid thing hadn't powered up again after the weekend power down on Saturday night - insert serious GRRRR face here.
I needed to cheer myself up on the way back from dragging my miserable self into the office to switch it back on again, so I walked home in the unexpected sunshine via London Fields farmers' market for some edible retail therapy and emerged with some sausages, bacon, bread and a guinea fowl.
Sometimes only meat will do :-)

We pot roasted the guinea fowl (in a slightly too small casserole dish) with something in the region of 40 cloves of garlic (I'm pretty sure even Delia never actually counted).
Super retro!

We roasted some vegetables to have with it and I smothered mine in horseradish sauce from the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight (which I have recently discovered to be the MOST awesome condiment).

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  1. What a lovely bird, quite cute even, tucked tight into that casserole... Nothing beats a roast on a Sunday, and guinea fowl makes a nice change.