Tuesday 8 March 2011

Pancake Day

So, obviously, pancakes for Jennies today :-)

I absolutely love pancakes. It's very sad, but, like most people (I conducted a mini survey at work yesterday ;-) ) I spend 364 days of the year totally forgetting this. I must try to do better this year.

I made thin crepey ones first, but we ate them too quickly to photograph - oops.
I mainly had goat cheese and sweet chilli sauce on mine and husband favoured bacon and foolishly hot sauce.

Scotch pancakes for afters, with blueberries and orange zest.
They were supposed to have maple syrup on, but it turns out that the last bit that I had in a tin in the fridge has gone solid - still tastes good, but is next to impossible to get out of the tin...

I'm pretty sure these (not *actually* these, obviously) were the first thing I ever cooked.
It's a bit of a cliche, but when I was very little, my granny (my grandparents lived in the same house as us at the time, which means I must have been less than four, as that's when they left) showed me how to make these on a griddle. Hers didn't have fruits and things in and I had to make do with a frying pan, but otherwise, it's the self same recipe that I memorised at the time.

In case there's anyone in the country that doesn't know (and still has any pancake appetite after the stuffage of today), here's my (and most peoples', I think) pancake recipe.

Multiples of:
1/2pt milk (I used whole milk today, but usually use semi skimmed - either seems to work)
1 egg
4oz plain flour

For the scotch pancakes, I doubled the amount of flour and chucked in some baking powder (or you could make with SR flour), orange zest and blueberries (Chilean blueberries - I'm not proud of myself - I actually feel a bit dirty..)

I fried them in a teeny tiny amount of lard in my lovely Le Creuset frying pan, which proved, tragically, too heavy for tossing...

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  1. They look lovely! I am eggless, and so didn't have pancakes today. Is a small tragedy, but I shall make up for it. Oh yes.

  2. That is Tragic Tale. There are tears in my eyes.
    You must remedy asap.