Tuesday 28 June 2011

Burger Monday

Last night, through the sweltering heat and threat (as yet still unfulfilled) of thunderstorms, I dragged husband out to Andrews' Cafe in Holborn for The Burgermat Show, his very first Burger Monday experience...

Last night's burger was brought to us by Fred Smith of the Admiral Codrington, with accompanying burger art placemats curated by the splendid Burgerac.


My Burgermat:

A tasty beerperitif:

Fabulous starter sharing platter. We were told that one in eight of the peppers were lethal, but it wasn't one of the eight we ate.
Gazpacho, taramasalata, padron peppers, pork scratchings with apple sauce and tasty crispy toasty things.

Juicy, meaty byrger.
Much cheese, bacon and coleslawy sauce.
V good.
The brioche type bun had a nice level of sweetness and just enough integrity to stop the whole thing disintegrating.
Good chips too!

The obligatory internal "burger shot" (yes, yes - I know...)

And, just to make sure that we really couldn't get up from our seats - the cheesecake...


I shan't need to eat again for a week.
Which is a convenient length of time, as, a week from now, I shall be returning for more Burger Monday goodness :-)

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