Sunday 12 June 2011


Today I wandered over to Fin and Flounder on Broadway Market, having heard on Twitter that they had some lovely wild British salmon.
They did. It was lovely. It was hard not to buy many many other things too.

Here it is:

Amazing colour, no?
They had farmed salmon in the shop too - it looked lame in comparison.

So - tea today...
Salmon with steamed (and buttery) samphire and broad bean, asparagus and wet garlic salad.
There was supposed to be a lovely photo here - it looked great - super crispy skin and things - but I accidentally mislaid it via instagram - will know better next time.
Ditto the photo of the delicious Coutier Henri III champagne that we drank with it.
Ah well...

Here's my broad bean salad instead...

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