Monday 20 June 2011

Hotel Awesomeness

Went to a wedding (or, at least, the after-party bit of a wedding) on Friday evening in the North.

This mainly involved many hours of driving up and down busy motorways (though the actual party part was, of course, very nice), but did come with the additional bonus of the Next Morning Hotel Breakfast.

I was evidently much too tired and hungry to manage to photograph the actual food (which was awesome - much black pudding was had by all :-) ), but did capture this gem from the dining room... I think this fireplace painting/sculpture pretty much summed up the decor of the whole place - amazing :-)

I discover that I did immortalise on camera the buffet food from the night before.
Sausage sandwiches and chips.
This is a very fine wedding buffet idea. If you are planning to get married and invite me, please note my approval!

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Location:Sun Street Passage,City of London,United Kingdom

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