Saturday 18 June 2011

Sunday Lunch at Tendido Cero

Last Sunday, we made the epic trek to West London for some sampling.
Sensibly, we thought it best to line our stomachs, so what better than some tasty lunch-tapas.

*Warning - for the faint hearted - we totally overordered (as is the Way of Tapas). Though, to give us our due, it wasn't entirely our fault. The waiter told us we needed just one more thing...... *

So - here it is!
(Once again, apologies for quality of the photos. If anyone would like to teach me to take good ones/donate me a decent camera, please feel free).

Tasty breads with olive oil. I tried not to eat too much of this, knowing that we had lots of "proper" food coming. It was difficult.

Embutidos Ibericos - Spanish charcuterie (ham, chorizo and lomo) - not much to say here - delicious!

The slightly disturbingly whimsically named Mini Mini Hamburguesa. Actually a wee sardine sandwich. Very very good. Possibly my pick of the dishes.

So pretty that I had to show you again...

First of the hot dishes. Calamari (I know it's slightly different en Espanol, but I can't remember exactly how - in any case, you get the picture) with aioli and a wedge of lime. V nice. Husband's pick of the day, I believe.

Look - suckers! My favourite :-)
The obligatory Croquetas de Jamon. I don't actually like croquetas very much, but these were quite nice - fluffy. Possibly a little extreme for lunchtime. A bit cheesey for my taste, a bit eggy for husband.
Kind of like an inside out Quiche Lorraine...
Pollo en Adobo de Pimenton - paprika chicken. Nice, but possibly a little bit uninspiring. Almost certainly one more thing than we needed. Especially after the croquetas.
Abada Asturiana - yum yum and also yum. Absolutely delicious. Tragic that it arrived when we had already eaten So Much. I could eat this every day. Easily.

We also drank a couple of glasses of (not quite so sensible) sherry from the solid, if fairly basic, sherry list.

So - Tendido Cero - we'll definitely go again if we're in the area.
Unless we can get into the sherry laden Capote y Toros (tragically closed on Sundays) across the road, that is :-)

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