Thursday 23 June 2011

Taste of London

We went to Taste on Friday afternoon for the first time in a few years.
As noted by, well, everyone, it really is a bit touristy and expensive now.
We had a pretty good time anyway, though probably will give it a miss in future years.

We ate:

Seared scallops, achari cauliflour puree and stir fried squid from The Cinnamon Club. A very good start to our lunch - lovely spicey sauce and delightfully cooked scallops. Not enough squid, but then I *do* like squid.

A lovely unphotographed Burford Brown Scotch Egg from Quo Vadis - very tasty, but almost our whole day - we queued for AGES and then some incredibly rude woman was incredibly rude to husband and elbowed me in ribs. He doesn't even like scotch eggs (hard to believe we're still married, tbh ;-) )

Iberico Pork and Foie Gras Burger from Opera Tavern - hard to say whether it was as awesome as the hype, but undoubtedly very tasty. The bread was a bit sweet and dry for our taste, with the quite high bread to burger ratio. However, I'm still definitely planning a trip there soon!

Bream Carpaccio from Jun Tanaka at Street Kitchen. Street Kitchen didn't tell you in the brochure what they were cooking, so we chose this a bit blind. Proper tasty - and deliciously fresh and palate cleansing after the extremeness of the burger.

Unexpected standout dish of the day - so called Spicy Duck Popcorn from Club Gascon. Really fantastic - melty confit (I assume) duck legs with lovely spicy sauce and popcorn bits.
Club Gascon wasn't particularly on my List before, but it definitely is now!

Jerk Chicken with Bammy from Collin Brown.
This was ok, but not even close to spicy enough and a little sweet for my liking.
Unbelievably slow service too, despite being distinctly unbusy.

We also ate Stamp and Go with Ackee and Hot Scotch Bonnet Salsa.
I seem to have omitted to photograph it, but was good - lovely slow burn heat.

Squid bits with not quite enough lime from L'Etranger. Husband was quite excited about this while he waited, but found it ultimately a bit disappointing. Still tasty though, I thought.

We also did some pretty good shopping (though inexplicably, NO chilli sauce at all) - most noteably some v good value beers from Laverstoke Park (not made of buffalo, I assume) and some splendid cheap and crazy jars of American Stuff, beautiful yogurts from Norfolk.
And husband happily got very high on samples from Chilli Pepper Pete's (as usual).

All in all - a pretty fun day out!

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  1. We got some American stuff too! No pictures, it was just too damp. But crispy baby squid was our favourite dish, and we had fun despite the torrential downpour :)