Wednesday 11 April 2012

Easter and Thereafter

On Easter Sunday, we went out for afternoon-tea-based lunch at Palm Court at the Langham in lieu of a 90th birthday party for my Granny (her actual birthday was a few days earlier).
Because it was Easter, they had a special Easter bank holiday themed tea in place of their usual Wonderland tea.
We gorged ourselves senseless on pretty sandwiches, scones and Eastery cakes, all washed down with a wacky variety of teas.
 Amazing little sandwiches (which they KEPT offering to bring refills of) and The Cakes.

 And The Cakes again - SO Eastery!

Scone, innit...

We've afternoon tea'd at the Langham before (during our post wedding week of fun) so we had an idea of what to expect, but the rest of the family hadn't. I think they were suitably impressed with the offerings.
It's an expensive meal out, but the food is beautiful and fun, the setting is impressive, the atmosphere really nice (luxurious, but still casual an family friendly) and the staff are absolutely delightful - really attentive and helpful and were especially lovely about the two small nephews (who were angelic, but still small boys) and non-cake-eating in laws.
Oh - and there was a man playing Disney songs, jazz standards and tunes from adverts on a blue grand piano.
Honestly - what more could you wish for...?
We played with the nephews and whatnot for a bit at my parents' house, and then came home to survey the spoils of Easter.

Hard to believe, but we managed to eat the remaining two steaks (we ate the first two on Saturday) with asparagus and a million kinds of lovely delicatessen salads. Yum.

On Easter Monday (by which time I was thoroughly getting used to the whole holiday vibe), I finally knuckled down and ate my Easter present (which I bought for myself at Selfridges the week before) - soft boiled goose egg and asparagus - the lunch of Kings.
See how large and awesome!

Monday evening - holiday farewell tea of stir fried cavolo nero and leeks and things. Husband had mash and black pudding with his. I properly dirtied mine up by mixing stilton into it.

Back to work on Tuesday, celebrated with roasted chicken thighs and romanesco cauliflower.

And, this evening, gurnard (which turns out to be delicious, rather contrary to my memory of the last time we had it), with asparagus and baby spinach salad.
And Sriracha sauce.

OK - that's all for now, folks - apologies for the longness - I shall try to get back on track with the daily postings henceforth.
I leave you with a picture of husband just before he devoured the fairy cakes which I made (to his specification, broadly) in order to use up the mini eggs :-)

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